Replacing manual transmission fluid on a Golf Cabriolet

Replacing manual transmission fluid on a Golf Cabriolet

These instructions are for a late model (1993) Cabriolet with a 5 speed manual transmission. It takes 2 litres of fluid. Other models of Mk1 Golf are different in that they may take less fluid and be filled from the speedometer cable drive rather than a dedicated fill point. I used 80w-90 oil.

There are 2 17mm Allen bolts, 1 for drainage and 1 for filling.

(Excuse the oily, drity transmission in the pictures - there was a leak from the oil pressure sensor at the time.)

  • Approx. time: several 30
  • Approx cost: $30 AUD (for fluid and 17mm hex drive)

You'll need

  • 17mm hex drive
  • Replacement transmission fluid (80w-90)
  • Drain pan
  • Funnel (optional)
  • Gloves and rags (optional - the oil stinks)

17mm hex drive

Step 1 - Jack up the car and remove the transmission-side wheel.

Jack up the front of the car and set it on jack stands. Remove the transmission-side wheel - this will reveal the fill 17mm Allen bolt. It faces horizontally pointing out from the car.

Step 2 - Remove the fill bolt first

Use the 17mm hex drive to remove the fill bolt. You should try to remove this one first as if it's stuck you won't have already drained your transmission oil in made the car immobile

Mine was pretty stuck - I had to use the electric rattle gun to loosen it.

Transmission fill plug

Step 3 - Position catch pan and remove drain plub

The drain plug is located in the centre of the transmission directly under the car. It's the same 17mm Allen bolt. Removing the drain plug was also difficult and I had to use the rattle gun again. Let the transmission oil drain. Be careful - it stinks.

Transmission drain plug

Step 4 - Re-attach the drain plug and start filling

I cleaned the drain plug and replaced it in the transmission and prepared the new fluid. My car takes 2 litres of fluid so I used a measuring cup to measure it out. It's a real pain to fill the fluid from the horizontal angle of the fill plug - I ended up using a turkey baster funnel and spare length of power-steering fluid pipe, but some new transmission fluid comes in specially designed for this purpose.

Fill the transmission with the required amount, or until it starts leaking out the fill hole.

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