Removing the front seats on a Mk1 Golf

Removing the front seats on a Mk1 Golf

It's remarkably easy to remove the front seats on a Mk1 Golf.

  • Approx. time: 15mins

Step 1 - Remove the plastic guide rail covers

There are 2 plastic covers, one for each seat, that conceal the guide rails. They are on located in the rear seat foot-wells, abutting the transmission tunnel.

Gently unclip these.

Step 2 - Remove the bolt and acorn nut at the front of the seat

At the front and center of each seat there is a bolt held in place with an acorn nut. These act as a kind of stopper to stop the seat from be moved back too far.

Simply undo the acorn nut and remove the bolt.

Mk1 Golf seat acorn nut

Step 3 - Slide seat back, then up

With the stopper nut and bolt removed simply pull the lever and slide the seat back as far is it will go.

The seats have 3 guides, or 'feet', like a tripod, that fit into 3 guide rails. By sliding the seat back, the two rear guides will slide out of the guide rails, allowing you to move the seat up and out.

That's it.

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