VW MK1 Maintenance

Repairing and maintaining a VW Mk1 Golf

I'd always wanted to learn about car mechanics, and have a fondness for older cars. In 2013 I bought a 1993 VW Mk1 Golf Cabriolet for $1,100 where it had been sitting in someone's shed for years, with the intention of fixing it up and learning a thing or two along the way. I wanted to share what I learnt about fixing up the car somewhere (guides here) in hope that someone else finds it useful some day.

It's here I want to add that I am in no way a qualified mechanic. I'm just showing what I've picked up when doing the work myself. I'll also give a rough estimate of the time and cost (in Australian dollars) I've put into various fixes.

Most of the work I've done is routine maintenance stuff with normal hand tools that anyone could do. For some bigger jobs I took it to a proper mechanic.

Why a Mk1 Golf?

Well, mostly because it was there and it was cheap. But, also:

  • Mechanically, it's a very simple car and it's easy to work on
  • There's a large cult following with many people sharing their knowledge online
  • Overall, the mechanics are pretty bullet proof
  • It's a modern classic that is increasing in value
  • Parts are still quite easy to find.

You can read more about Mk1s here or here.

Or, find a list of useful resources here.

What's been repaired on the car so far?